Azerbaijani Ambassador to Serbia Eldar Hasanov detained


Baku 14.08.20 / Turan: In the evening of August 13 the State Security Service of Azerbaijan reported about the detention of the country’s ambassador to Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina Eldar Hasanov.

The report of the State Security Service says that he was involved in the thefts revealed earlier in the Consular Department of the country’s Foreign Ministry.

“During the investigation of this criminal case, new facts were established about the embezzlement of state funds allocated for foreign policy activities. During the comprehensive financial audits, the country’s ambassador to Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, Eldar Hasanov, committed significant financial and other violations. Within the framework of this case, Eldar Hasanov was detained, ”it was reported.

Eldar Hasanov is the former Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan. He arrived in Baku the day before and participated in the talks between the heads of the Security Councils of Azerbaijan and Serbia.

Apparently, in the near future the court will issue a decision on his arrest and he will be recalled from the post of ambassador.


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