230,000 unemployed in Armenia now – expert


YEREVAN, August 19. /ARKA/. There are about 230,000 unemployed in Armenia against about 1 million employed, Hrant Margaryan, an expert at the Center for Economic Development Initiatives, said Tuesday at a conference.

Among the problems associated with this indicator, he named domestic demand, a drop in economic activity, and closed enterprises.

“Therefore, it is difficult to say whether people who have worked abroad will be able to find work here and earn enough for life,” he explained.

Speaking about the positive migration balance recorded in the country, Margaryan explained that this, first of all, is a consequence of closed borders, the number of people who did not leave for work abroad, as well as the number of immigrants.

Speaking about the problem with the unemployed, the expert noted that if the government can provide everyone with work, this will certainly have a positive impact on the situation.

Some 58,900 people were registered by the State Employment Agency as of the beginning of May 2020.

In early May of this year, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Arsen Udumyan said that, according to various calculations, including data based on informal questionnaires of the International Labor Organization (ILO), it is expected that unemployment in the country in the period following the pandemic will increase by about 1.3%, and from 17% it will reach 19%. In other words, as the deputy minister noted, if we speak in numbers, there will be an additional 40,000 unemployed in the country.

According to preliminary data from the National Statistical Committee, the indicator of economic activity in Armenia shed 4.7% in January-June 2020, compared with the same period in 2019. In June 2020, compared to June 2019, the decline was 7.5%, and compared to May 2020, the indicator of economic activity, on the contrary, increased by 14.8%.

As of Tuesday, August 18, 41,846 confirmed cases of coronavirus were recorded in Armenia, according to the website of the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


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