Race/Gender Wars Strike Department Of Energy In New Investigation


By Julianne Geiger

The Department of Energy is opening up an investigation into white male privilege workshops on the taxpayer’s dime, author and researcher Christopher Rufom has alleged on Twitter, citing a series of leaked documents.

The workshops were reportedly organized by Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), a national nuclear security research and development lab in the United States that provides scientific support to national security programs—including ensuring stable energy supply to the nation under the leadership of National Nuclear Security Administration and ultimately the DoE.

The workshops were for white men, and linked white men with white privilege with MAGA hats, the KKK, and white supremacists.

The workshop documents also discussed male privilege and heterosexual privilege.

After exposing the roots of white male culture, which include a can-do attitude and hard work—which is, according to the workshop trainers, detrimental to women, gays and lesbians, and people of color—the white male (and apparently heterosexual) attendees were asked to write an apology to white women and people of color for their privilege.

The Department of Energy, according to Sputnik, did not have any knowledge of the use of, nor did it authorize, taxpayer funds for the workshops at SNL or anywhere else.

The Department of Energy has asked the National Nuclear Security Administration and its inspector general to investigate the matter.

While Sandia is not an official branch of the government, it does receive most of its funding from government grants, implying that perhaps some of these grants, courtesy of the taxpayers, funded these seminars at least in part.

While the workshops took place last year, the investigation comes at a precarious time as racial tensions in the United States continue to drive a wedge between groups.

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