Artsakh defense ministry calls Azerbaijani side’s report misinformation


YEREVAN, August 27. /ARKA/. The Artsakh ministry of defense issued Wednesday a statement denying the report of the Azerbaijani side about the shelling of the village of Khapanli by the military personnel of the Defense Army.

The Artsakh defense ministry says in its statement that the official propaganda of Azerbaijan, remaining stuck to its policy based on lies and falsification, issued today an allegation that the servicemen of the Defense Army opened fire from machine guns and sniper weapons in the direction of the village of Khapanli in the Terter region.

“The Artsakh defense minister states that this message is another misinformation from the Azerbaijani side. More than that – the civilian population and objects have never been and are not a target for the Defense Army,” the message says.

The Ministry of Defense also said that the advanced units of the Defense Army continue monitoring compliance with the ceasefire and, if necessary, are ready to take the necessary actions based on the situation.


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