Interest in products of Armenia’s military-industrial complex increases after July battles on border with Azerbaijan


YEREVAN, August 27. /ARKA/. The interest in the products of the military-industrial complex of Armenia increased after the July battles in Tavush on the border with Azerbaijan, High Technologies Industry Minister Hakob Arshakyan said Wednesday at a press conference.

“We are preparing to apply certain instruments in the military-industrial complex of Armenia, after which we will further intensify our mechanisms for entering foreign markets,” he said.

The minister noted that during the battles, the effectiveness of not only drones, but also other combat systems of Armenian production was tested.

At the same time, Arshakyan did not specify about which particular systems he spoke. He also did not disclose what order for the new Armenian mortars was made by the ministry of defense and limited himself only by providing information that a test batch has been purchased so far, which is being tested now. Earlier, he showed the progress of tests of Armenian-made mortars on his Facebook page.

Tension Escalation on Armenian-Azerbaijani Border

On the northeastern direction of the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border in the Tavush region, on July 12-17, the Azerbaijani troops fired at Armenian strongpoints, several villages and the city of Berd using tanks, heavy artillery and drones. Units of Armenia’s army suppressed the activity of the enemy, destroying the control system of the UAVs of Azerbaijan’s armed forces and 13 unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as disabling the tank and artillery batteries.

From the Armenian side, five servicemen were killed. Civilian infrastructures and houses of civilians in Tavush were damaged. Azerbaijan officially confirmed the death of 12 soldiers. The Armenian side reported the deaths of at least 10 officers at Azerbaijani special forces. A comparative calm has been observed on the border since July 17.


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