2 Dead, 3 Hurt in Armed Clash over Ashoura Banners in Khalde


An armed clash erupted Thursday evening in Khalde over Ashoura banners, leaving two people dead and three others wounded.

Media reports said the confrontation was pitting supporters of Hizbullah and members of the area’s Arab tribes who support Sunni cleric Sheikh Omar Ghosn.

The National News Agency identified the dead as H. M. Ghosn and Syrian national M. Haddoum and the wounded as E. A. Ghosn, M. Ghosn and J. Ghosn.

MTV said “the firing of RPGs has sparked panic among residents,” amid reports of heavy gunfire.

Lebanese Democratic Party leader MP Talal Arslan, who has a strong influence in the area, was meanwhile contacting all political parties in a bid to “reach a ceasefire and secure the army’s deployment,” the party said.

Media reports said the clash was linked to a similar dispute that had erupted around a week ago.

The army later announced that the clash had been contained and that it was staging patrols.

“Four people have been arrested in Khalde, including two Syrians, and the rest of those involved are being pursued,” the army added in a statement.

But the National News Agency later reported that gunfire had renewed in the area and that the army was seeking to arrest the shooters.



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