Deaths of doctors from virus alarm health workers


The deaths of five doctors from COVID-19 within a week cause worries among health workers, who have been at the frontline in the fight against the outbreak for months now.

“News of our colleagues losing their lives due to the coronavirus is very saddening. We have been working extremely hard day in and day out for months to help patients. However, despite all the warning, the public is not paying enough attention to hygiene, face mask and other anti-virus rules, said Associate Professor Cantürk Taşçı, a pulmonologist at the Gülhane Training and Research Hospital in Ankara.

Taşçı also noted that doctors and other health care professionals are working under extremely difficult and challenging conditions.

“We need to have personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times. And it is not easy to put PPE and to take them off several times a day. It takes up to half an hour to change that equipment. Sometimes we have to change the PPE up to three times a day,” Taşçı said.

Hurriyet Daily News


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