People of village named ‘naked’ uncomfortable with misunderstandings


People of a village named Çıplak [naked in Turkish] with 350 inhabitants in the Aegean province of Çanakkale are having a hard time due to its name being thought a nudist camp.

The villagers complain about the comments on social media and the local tourists who take pictures in front of the entrance sign while passing through the settlement.

The headman of the village, which is located on the road of Troy Ruins and has a history of 5,000 years, stated that they are tired of being misunderstood due to its name.

“People who do not own property here are called naked,” said Ufuk Göçoğlu, the headman, explaining the origin of the village’s name.

He added that the name of the village came from a person who founded the settlement in the region, who was penniless because he lost his property in a swampy area, and thus referred to as Çıplak Dede (Naked Grandfather).

Although its name is the subject of jokes, the people of the village do not want the name of the village to be changed.

“By this time, the names of many villages have changed. The name of the village is being ridiculed. But we don’t want our village name to change, we are determined,” Göçoğlu noted.

However, the people want the rumors that “there is a nudist camp in a village of Çanakkale” to end.

Hurriyet Daily News


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