Aoun Reportedly Insisting on 24-Seat ‘Techno-Political Govt.’


President Michel Aoun is still insisting on the formation of a 24-minister “techno-political government,” media reports said.

“Efforts are underway to convince the PM-designate of this approach,” informed sources told the al-Anbaa newspaper of the Progressive Socialist Party.

MP Qassem Hashem of the Development and Liberation bloc meanwhile told the daily that “contacts and consultations are ongoing at all levels.”

“The likely number of ministers will be 24,” he added.

Al-Anbaa meanwhile said that “all leaked information suggests that things have returned to square one.”

“The political forces competing for shares are again trying to impose their conditions on the PM-designate, who has expressed his dismay over this approach,” the newspaper added.

According to reports, PM-designate Mustafa Adib prefers the formation of a small government of 14 or 16 ministers. He also wants its members to be “political moderates or non-provocative figures.”

He does not want the ministers to be “members of political parties,” the reports said.


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