Adib Meets Aoun amid Reports of ‘Christian Share’ Hurdles


Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Adib held talks Tuesday with President Michel Aoun at the Baabda Palace.

“We are in a period of consultations with the President and we will continue consultations with the rest of the parties,” Adib told reporters after the meeting.

MTV meanwhile reported that the PM-designate will meet anew with the president this week to “delve into the details of the government formation process.”

“The PM-designate did not carry to the presidential palace a draft line-up but he rather consulted with Aoun over some points, mainly the principle of the rotation of portfolios, which Adib prefers to apply,” the TV network added.

“Adib is saying, ‘I don’t anyone to join me in the issue of forming the government,’ and he has not yet met with (Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran) Bassil, who is reportedly dismayed over this,” MTV said.

It also reported that there is a pending obstacle related to the “Christian share” in the new government.

“Adib does not intend to give Bassil the biggest share and he is inclined to pick independent Christian ministers,” MTV added.

It also said that the political aides of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and Speaker Nabih Berri — Ali Hassan Khalil and Hussein al-Khalil — have advised Adib “not to confine himself to a small cabinet,” while telling him that Hizbullah and the AMAL Movement are “not clinging to the finance portfolio.”



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