Hikmat Hajiyev: Azerbaijan and Turkey created an excellent model of development in the region



Azerbaijan and Turkey have created an excellent model of development in the region, which can be used by other states. To ensure peace in the region, Armenian armed forces must withdraw from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

The due statement came from Hikmat Hajiyev, Assistant to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Head of the Foreign Policy Department of the Presidential Administration, while speaking on the air of influential Turkish TV channel Haber Global.

Answering a question about the Armenian provocation in the Tovuz direction of the Azerbaijani-Armenian state border, Hikmat Hajiyev noted that it was planned in advance, but the Azerbaijani-Turkish brotherhood, our common will prevented the implementation of this plan.

“On July 12, Armenia committed another provocation against Azerbaijan in the direction of the Tovuz region. It happened at a distance of 300 kilometers from the contact line of Armenian and Azerbaijani armed forces. The question arises why the events took place exactly in Tovuz. There are several strategic reasons for that. First of all, Armenia’s goal was to threaten Azerbaijan’s East-West platform, our joint TANAP, and TAP projects with brotherly Turkey. Among the goals were also to seize new territories and gain control over them. At the same time, Armenia sought to divert attention from the Karabakh issue and create a new hotbed of threat in the region. As is known, Armenia’s aggression and occupation of Azerbaijani territories have been going on for more than 30 years, the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan and seven surrounding districts have been under occupation for 30 years. Ethnic cleansing has been carried out in these territories. Armenia has committed such actions against Azerbaijan in violation of all norms and principles of international law, the UN Charter. Not only that, but Armenia has also committed a provocation on the border with Azerbaijan,” the presidential aide said.

Noting that provocations by Armenia are always expected, Hikmat Hajiyev said that Armenia’s system armament continues after the Tovuz events. Over 500 tons of weapons and ammunition have been delivered to Armenia. “We still haven’t been able to get an answer to the question about the purpose of these weapons. We must openly say that we have also raised this issue with the relevant Russian official bodies. But we couldn’t get an answer,” he stressed.

Saying that Armenian diaspora organizations have recently been implementing large-scale activities to vilify Turkey and Azerbaijan, the presidential aide said that they have not been able to achieve their goals. “Our joint activities, including cooperation with brotherly Turkey in the media sphere, have stopped that dirty propaganda. International organizations made statements in support of Azerbaijan’s fair position. The right voice of our country was also heard in the world media. And this shows that we, as two brotherly countries, acting together, must more actively bring the realities to international organizations,” he said.

Speaking about joint military exercises of Azerbaijan and Turkey, Hikmat Hajiyev noted that these exercises were held in accordance with the annual plan, were very useful in terms of military experience, at the same time they serve peace, cooperation, and security in the region. Highly appreciating the arrival of the Turkish military in Azerbaijan, Hikmat Hajiyev compared this with brotherly support during the events of 1918: “We do not set any boundaries in the stay of the Turkish military in Azerbaijan or the Azerbaijani military in Turkey. Because both countries are homelands, we are one nation, two states. When necessary, we support each other. As in foreign policy issues, we will continue to support each other in these topics as well. I would like to emphasize Azerbaijan’s support to Turkey in the events that took place in the Eastern Mediterranean. Azerbaijan is always without hesitation close to Turkey, our President Ilham Aliyev noted this. These days we see the active policy pursued by Turkey in the regional and international arena taking into account national interests, interests of people, and we are proud of it”.

Touching upon the natural gas field discovered by Turkey in the Black Sea, Hikmat Hajiyev noted that this was happily met in Azerbaijan.

Answering the presenter’s question about the preparation of Armenian women for war, Hikmat Hajiyev said it was met with regret in Azerbaijan and noted that it was alien to Azerbaijani culture. At the same time, he underlined that it was proof of hatred towards Azerbaijan and the Turkic nation being cultivated in Armenia. “Addressing Armenia and the Armenian people, we once again recommend them not to become victims of this dirty propaganda and hostages of the past in the 21st century,” he underlined.

Noting that the economic crisis prevailing in Armenia during the coronavirus pandemic has aggravated even more, Hikmat Hajiyev said that both the April battles and the provocation in the Tovuz direction showed the whole world, including Armenia, that they are facing Azerbaijan, which has professional and powerful Armed forces, where there is solidarity between the people and the government. All the hardships caused by the erroneous steps of Armenia fall on the Armenian people.



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