Jennifer Lopez Is Pro-Bold Sweatsuits, Just Like Us

Photo: Splash News

On Monday, Lopez was seen biking around New York City, in a tie-dye Polo Ralph Lauren tracksuit in a bold, neon swirl print. The set, which doubled as a fashion statement, is sold out on most retailers, and it’s easy to understand why: the hoodie and sweatpants both retailed for under $150. Her vibrant set pretty much made the case for wearing sweats and wearing them proud. She also accessorized it with a tie-dye mask to fully commit to the print, while her crisp, white and pink Nike sneakers finished off the look with sleek polish.

Next time you’re leaving the house, take inspiration from Lopez and wear your most colorful set. Don’t be shy about it! Lopez once sang, let’s get loud!—and the same clearly applies to her sweatsuit styling.


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