Turkey arrests 90-year old man for insulting Erdogan’s senior adviser


Hasan Basri Aydın, a 90-year-old retired teacher, was arrested at an airport in Istanbul where he came for treatment for insulting a member of the Turkish Presidential High Advisory Board and a former Turkish minister, Gazete Duvar news website reported on Thursday.

Aydın was arrested at the airport over legal proceedings against him for insulting Cemil Çicek who served as the Justice Minister between 2002 and 2007 for the ruling Justice and Development Party, Gazete Duvar said.

The case against Aydın was dismissed but the verdict was not registered to his police record. The prosecutor ruled his arrest and the 90-year-old was sent to prison.

He was later released after his lawyer provided the court ruling, it said.

Insulting the Turkish president and government officials carries a sentence between one and four years, according to the Turkish Penal Code.

The Turkish government has been using social media posts, cartoons, news and articles as evidence for insulting the president and thousands of people have been facing prison sentences.

Aydın, speaking after being released from the jail, heard as saying in a video, ”what would you expect from a state that is afraid of me?”



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