AEUNA Special Appeal for Haigazian University, churches and schools in Beirut


After the August 4 explosion in Beirut, Haigazian University mobilized to make sure it could operate for students this fall. We praise God that because of these efforts, the fall semester has begun on schedule! However, the school faces multiple challenges – please send any help you can provide!

Please also continue to pray for Haigazian University leaders, faculty, staff, and students, that the Lord would give them all the spiritual and mental energy they need, as well as wisdom to deal with the great challenges they all face on a daily basis.

Please also continue to pray for our young people in Beirut and the Near East, who are assisting in recovery efforts, continue their schooling, trying to work  and taking care of their families and communities.

To all AEUNA email newsletter readers and especially our AEUNA churches, please consider the special appeals below.

– Rev. Berdj Djambazian
Minister to the Union

Dear Friend,

Warm greetings from Haigazian University!

With a deep feeling of gratitude, we announce the kickoff of the academic year 2020-21, which took place on Monday, September 7, defying the country’s economic, security and financial challenges that are well known by now to the whole world.

The year 2020 represents Haigazian’s 65th year of educating our treasured youth! Driven with strong faith, we have decided to embrace the year with new promises, potentials and opportunities to adapt to current and new conditions. Our students are currently virtually connected to the online classes, with the hope of adopting a hybrid system as soon as the country’s health conditions allow.

It is with our students in mind that we reach out to you, in order to ensure them a successful academic year! There is an unprecedented need for financial aid, now more than ever! In this sense, your donations will make all the difference in providing scholarships for needy students and assisting them financially to cover their tuition..

Your contribution will be highly valuable during these challenging times to help meet the urgent scholarship needs of Haigazian University students.

The Haigazian University Support Fund, Tax ID Number 47-4764476, is a non-profit organization as described in the Internal Revenue Service Code Section 501(c)(3). Many thanks and appreciation for your belief and investment in our mission!

-Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian
Haigazian University



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