Aoun Urges ‘Understanding’ as Presidency Hits Back at PSP Bloc


President Michel Aoun on Tuesday called for “understanding” instead of “intransigence,” in a tweet marking the International Day of Democracy.

“On the International Day of Democracy, let us all remember that resolving problems can only happen through understanding and not through intransigence and stubbornness, or else everyone will reap great failure and loss,” the president said.

The Presidency’s press office had earlier issued a statement commenting on the Democratic Gathering bloc’s boycott of Aoun’s consultations with parliamentary blocs at the Baabda Palace.

“The statement issued yesterday by the Democratic Gathering would not have deserved a response had it not contained a host of deliberate fallacies aimed at harming a rescue step that the President made,” the press office said.

“The president would not have invited the heads of parliamentary blocs to consultations had he not been aware of the crisis that might arise should the dispute over several points related to the formation of the government continue, in a manner that would block the government’s formation and plunge the country into a dangerous situation,” the office added.

“As for the remarks about breaching the Taef Accord, let the MPs of the Gathering pinpoint to us the text that prohibits the country’s president from consulting with parliamentary blocs when the situations in the country necessitate that,” the office went on to say in its statement.



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