Theaters to be exempt from pandemic bans


All theater, opera and ballet performances that will be staged in indoor and outdoor venues will be excluded from the bans taken for COVID-19 pandemic measures, the Culture and Tourism Ministry has announced.

The step back in the decision came after several musicians, theater actors and art enthusiasts reacted to the banning of outdoor activities such as concerts, shows, theaters and festivals as of Sept. 14.

The ministry said that theater, opera and ballet performances are excluded from the decisions of the provincial sanitation boards.

Theater actors and art lovers welcomed the decision, some shared their joy with their followers on social media while others reminded their plays that are expected to be staged.

“Good news, the ban is lifted,” said Rasim Öztekin, a prominent theater and cinema artist, adding that the canceled “kavuk” handover ceremony will be held on Sept. 20 as it is planned.

Kavuk is a hood that is considered a sign of the comedy tradition in Turkish theater and transferred from master to apprentice.

Another actor, Behzat Uygur tweeted with a “long live the theater” quote, while actor Cem Davran shared the ministry’s statement by adding an applause emoji to his post.

Hurriyet Daily News


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