Al-Rahi Criticizes Shiite Duo, Says No Sect Can Monopolize Portfolio


Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi on Sunday hit out at Hizbullah and Amal Movement without naming them, in connection with the ongoing row over the finance ministerial portfolio.

“What entitles a sect to demand a certain ministry as if it owns it, what entitles it to suspend the government’s formation until it gets what it wants, causing political paralysis and economic, financial and social damages?” al-Rahi said in his Sunday Mass sermon.

“Where is the three-point agreement among political forces for reform: a small rescue government, independent and specialist ministers who have political experience and a rotation of portfolios,” the patriarch added.

Noting that Article 95 of the Constitution “does not allocate a ministry to a certain sect,” al-Rahi wondered whether a new amendment is being “imposed by force.”

“Our rejection of monopolization is constitutional and not sectarian or targeted a certain sect, but rather against a novelty that contradicts with the principle of equality between ministries and sects,” the patriarch explained.

Addressing Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Adib, he called on him to “abide by the Constitution and press on with the formation of a government that the people and the world are awaiting.”

“There is no need for bowing to conditions nor to delay or stepping down,” al-Rahi went on to say.

The patriarch also said he will not accept changes to the political system “amid the presence of mini-states.”

“What benefit will a change to the system carry amid the hegemony of chaotic and illegitimate arms,” al-Rahi asked.



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