Labour MP Slams Johnson’s Brexit Bill, Says It Is ‘Straight Out of Donald Trump Playbook’


by Asya Geydarova

Johnson’s Internal Market Bill sent shockwaves through Brussels, as it provides that the country may roll back some of the commitments on state aid and customs checks on goods entering Northern Ireland, thus overriding the withdrawal deal.

Shadow Justice Secretary David Lammy has criticised Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill, adding that it makes Justice Secretary Robert Buckland look “a very small figure”, media reported on Sunday.

“The conservatives have abandoned the rule of law, abandoning an international agreement which we signed up to just a year ago and then claiming as we go to negotiate trade deals with the rest of the world that they can’t see this”, Lammy said.

Lammy compared the legislation to something US President Donald Trump would do, saying “It’s a playbook. Notes are passed, strategies discussed”.

The MP also believes that Johnson “hasn’t really got a position” and will take what’s “most advantageous to him” at the moment, which he considers a threat since his chief adviser Dominic Cummings is described as a “revolutionary”.

“[Johnson’s] attached himself to some very dangerous people determined to get their way. And I don’t know what they’ll leave behind, but I think Britain will be a very different country”, the MP said.

Labour Party leader Keir Starmer also slammed Johnson’s bill on Monday, saying that the prime minister is putting Britain’s reputation in jeopardy by planning to override the withdrawal agreement signed with the EU.

Johnson, however, has said that his legislation is designed to protect the country from the bloc’s “extreme interpretations” of the Northern Ireland protocol and secure its territorial integrity. In response to claims that the bill violates the law, Johnson replied that “the objective of these measures is to protect this country against accidental or unreasonable measures that serve to break up the UK”.



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