Armenia celebrating 29th anniversary of independence. Premier and president congratulate nation


YEREVAN, September 22. /ARKA/. Armenia celebrates today the 29th anniversary of the country’s independence. On this day in 1991, by the decision of the Supreme Council of the republic, a referendum was held on secession from the Soviet Union and the creation of an independent state. The popular vote took place in the wake of the rise of the national movement. Almost the entire population voted for the declaration of independence – about 99% of the country’s citizens eligible to vote. Independence was officially declared by the parliament on September23.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan congratulated the nation on the Independence Day.

In his words, Armenia’s people have gone through many trials over the 29 years of the independence – emigration, fraudulent elections, the October 27 assassinations, political repressions, the March 1 killings, crises and desperation.

“However, all these difficulties could not break the Armenian people. The nonviolent, velvet, people’s revolution of 2018 became an eloquent expression of state optimism and civic determination, which proved that the will of the Armenian people for a sovereign, free, powerful and happy state is stronger than ever,” the message says.

“Today I will publish the strategy of Armenia until 2050. The strategy of transformation, which is not an ossified document, but a mechanism for discussion, clarification, decision-making on the implementation and monitoring of the implementation of our ideas about the Republic of Armenia until 2050, by achieving these goals. I believe that by this we are entering a new stage of our statehood, the stage of state management by strategic logic, when every decision made today has strategic goals and objectives not only for the current moment, but also for 10, 20, 30 years,” the message says.

It is noted that this is a mechanism that should make discussions about the future, planning and building the future an integral part of daily work.

“In 1991, we did not know what Armenia would be like in 2020, and due to the coincidence of numerous objective and subjective circumstances, we did not allocate time to formulate our ideas about today and implement them daily. But time inevitably put us in front of this problem. We can’t afford to wait for 2050 or 2100 to see what Armenia will become. We must plan this Armenia, design and start building it from today. Accordingly, from all the many and varied issues of the day, we must choose those that lead us to Armenia 2050 – 2100,” the message says. “I am sure we have enough will, skill, unity and wisdom to fill our daily agenda with such work and provide unshakable institutional conditions for Armenia and the Armenian people. This is the key mission of our generation, and we will carry out this mission together.”

Armenian President Armen Sarkissian, for his part, congratulated the nation on the Independence Day.

“On September 21, 1991 we unanimously and confidently said “yes” to independence,” he said in his message. “The aspirations, which we had in our quest for independence and after attaining it, became a reality through the creation of our independent state. But the journey continues. For us, as a nation and state, much still lies ahead – new projects, new objectives, new victories.”

The president said to achieve that, the nation needs a precise vision, a feasible plan, as well as unwavering will. Future is born from decisions and efforts emanating from this, from our mentality and conscience, from the total sum of our work, based on our national and moral values, its history and its heritage.

“Only an individual, a society, a nation, which remembers and cherishes its past and traditions, its culture and language, looks forward and feels the pulse of time, can enrich its spiritual and material, the virtual and real world,” Sarkissian said in his national address.

No matter how much the world changes, he said, it will always be based on the want for kindness, compassion, justice, and truth – everything that our national system of values is based on.

“Our brothers and sisters, soldiers and freedom fighters, doctors and intellectuals, farmers and writers from Armenia, Artsakh, and Spyurk, all those who struggled, dedicated themselves to the Fatherland – Armenia and Artsakh, who gave their lives for independence impart us all to spare nothing for the present and future. I bow to them all,” the president said in his address.

“Today too, we have devotees right next to us, who defend the borders of our culture and science, our health and education, who are carriers and defenders of our national identity and values, who put their efforts in making the Fatherland stronger, in making homeland more secure, from military to medical workers, from scholars to IT specialists, from teachers in remote villages to nurses in kindergartens, from farmers to bakers, from musicians to athletes, from innovators to archeologists…
The destiny of the Fatherland depends on us all, on each and every one, on our ability to be responsible and be able to assume responsibility, on our solidarity, unity, kindness, and tolerance toward each other.”

In his national address, the Armenian president called on Armenian people to unite and work together regardless of their approaches, visions, and perceptions.


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