Armenian prime minister presents the strategy of transforming the country


YEREVAN, September 22. /ARKA/. On Armenia’s Independence Day, celebrated today, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan presented the strategy for the transformation of the country until 2050. The prime minister said that until today there was no idea at the state level about what the country should be like in 30 years, and now they are trying to fill this gap.

“These are ambitions based on a vision of the future, but not predictable commitments and plans. Thus, we formulate our ambitions, which can be called unofficially as dreams,” he said.

Pashinyan said that the strategy is based on the national values, of which he singled out four main ones that should be of practical importance for the implementation of the strategy: they are Armenian statehood, education, personality and work.

The head of government noted the close relationship between these values, which together should lead to the achievement of the set goals.

The prime minister named the targets which are part of this strategy: to raise the population of Armenia to at least 5 million people, create 1.5 million jobs, defeat poverty with work, increase GDP 20 times, increase the average salary by 7 times, instill a healthy lifestyle in the nation and bring life expectancy to 90 years, build the most efficient army in terms of the population number, have one of the top 10 intelligence services in the world, make education a way of life, turn Armenia into a country of high-tech industry, have at least five technology companies worth over $10 billion and 10 thousand operating startups, double the area under forest, win 25 Olympic gold medals.

He also said that the Armenian national football team should become the winner of the European or World Championship, that Armenian chess players should win an individual world chess champion title. The country should also work to increase the number of tourists visiting Armenia to 15 million people.

Pashinyan also named 16 mega-problems that should be solved within 10 years: to have educated and capable citizens, protected Armenia, effective and accountable governance, healthy and wealthy citizens, large and prosperous families, a rule of law country, massive export of processed products, clean and green Armenia, reasonable development of territories, effective farming, great repatriation and integration, renewable and generally available energy, attractive Armenia for entrepreneurs, high technology Armenia, recognizable, respected and hospitable Armenia.

According to Pashinyan, this strategy had been planned to be unveiled in April, but it was decided to postpone its presentation. He said that these goals will be achieved with hard daily work.


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