Armenia’s involvement in international agenda is very important, UN secretary general says


YEREVAN, September 23. /ARKA/. In a congratulatory message sent to Armenian President Armen Sarkissian on the occasion of Armenia’s Independence Day, marked on September 21, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres says any member of the UN has its own unique culture and history, diversity that enriches the organization and the world.

‘Your country’s involvement in the international agenda within the framework of the UN’s work is extremely important,” Guterres said in his message.

He said also that this year, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, it is necessary to unite all efforts to build such a fair globalization that will be acceptable for everyone and take decisive actions to prevent the climate change.

“I expect Armenia to contribute and assist in building a peaceful, just and stable world for all,” Guterres stressed.
Armenia celebrated the 29th anniversary of the country’s independence on September 21, 2020. On this day in 1991, by the decision of the Supreme Council of then Soviet republic, a referendum was held on secession from the USSR and the creation of an independent state.

The popular vote took place in the wake of the rise of the national movement. Almost the entire population voted for the proclamation of independence – about 99% of the country’s citizens who have the right to vote. Independence was officially declared by parliament on 23 September.


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