Man wants to indicate his heart is on right side of body on ID to warn doctors


A 39-year-old marketing director, Hakan Kumcular, from the northeastern province of Erzurum has asked officials to mention on his ID card and driving license that his heart is on the right side of his body.

“I want to write ‘my heart is on the right’ on official documents to warn emergency response teams in case of an accident, or else I will get it tattooed on my chest,” said Kumcular.

He explained by giving an example of an incident that happened to him years back.

“In 1996, I had an accident with my motorbike. I was taken to an ER, where a doctor thought I was brought dead as he could not trace my heartbeat. I was left on the hospital stature, and it was only when the doctor noticed that I was still breathing that the hospital staff understood that my heart was on the right.”

Stating that his heart being on the right has always been a sensitive issue in his life, Kumcular, who is now a father of two, said that due to fear that his wife might not accept him, he did not reveal his condition until they got married. “I told the truth two months after we tied the knot. Thank God, she accepted me the way I am.”

He also noted that his condition proved to be a blessing in disguise for him as it inspired him to become a writer.

Kumcular wrote two novels in a consecutive series with the titles “Kalbin Sağ Olsun 1” and “Kalbin Sağ Olsun 2.”

“Sağ” means “right” in Turkish, and “sağ olmak” means “to live.” So, referring to his right heart, he wrote the novels in an effort to portray the people’s “right to live.”

Hurriyet Daily News


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