Zatulin Exposes Shoigu’s Lie – Russia Supplies Armenia with Weapons, Not Building Materials


Baku / 25.09.20 / Turan: Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for CIS Affairs Konstantin Zatulin on Sputnik radio exposed the lies of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu regarding the supply of weapons to Armenia.

Commenting on the recent incident related to the supply of Russian military equipment to Armenia, he said: “More recently, Georgia, for example, blocked the supply of military equipment to Armenia, which, under the agreement, Russia tried to transit through the territory of Georgia.

Armenia does not have a common border with us. Georgia did not give an opportunity to do this, for which US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo thanked them. This happened last week. His gratitude was expressed publicly. In a word, what kind of trust and what kind of relations with Russia can we talk about if Georgia continues to create obstacles to us and to put a spoke in our wheels,” Zatulin said.

It should be reminded that until now the Russian leadership has rejected statements about the supply of military equipment to Armenia. And the head of the Ministry of Defense Shoigu plucked up the audacity to look into the face of the President of Azerbaijan to declare that military transport planes were carrying construction materials to Armenia over 2,000 kilometers.


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