712 executions carried out in six decades in Turkey, says parliament report


Some 712 people, 15 of whom were women, had been executed in Turkey in the period between 1920-1984, according to a report by the Turkish Parliament.

The research, published in the daily Milliyet, showed that the courts gave 717 execution orders in the mentioned period, but five of the executions were not carried out.

Noting that some 513 of the 712 prisoners were hanged due to murder charges, the daily wrote the other executions had been conducted for various other reasons. “Some 40 executions were due to rape charges, 32 people were hanged for burglary, 33 others for extortion, 23 were on the scaffold for treason and nine for deserting to the enemy side.”

The report also noted the years in which no execution was carried out. “In 1924, 1940, between 1952 and 1957, 1965 and 1970, 1973 and 1979, and 1985 and 2004 no hanging took place.”

The average age of the prisoners who received the death sentence was 30.9, said the report.

Two of the prisoners faced the quickest enforcement where they were executed in just one day after the court order. On the contrary, the longest wait for enforcement was 95 months and 12 days.

All 15 women prisoners were executed for murder. The last woman on the scaffold was Kadriye Partici, who poisoned and killed a woman to rob her jewelry, on July 25, 1971.

Hurriyet Daily News


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