A message addressed to Lebanese visual, audio, written, printed and electronic media…

What is going on in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) today is not an ordinary conflict between two states… not a fight for oil or gas… not a fight between militia groups… and certainly not a fight for ′′ separatists “.
What is going on in Artsakh today is the struggle of a people related to their roots, refusing to dispense with their ancestral lands, and will fight until the last drop of blood in their veins, to deter the Armenian enemy, to ensure a decent life for their children on the soil of their ancestral homeland.
Who fights on his land is not ′′ separatist “… So check history well before you say such foolishness…
It is more professional to call the Azerbaijanis ′′ invaders ′′ than to call Armenian patriots and Artsakh people ′′ separatists.
Continuing this approach, and using this particular phrase (Armenian separatists) is unacceptable and will not pass.
A. S
MTV Lebanon
LBCI Lebanon



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