Animal Protection Unit takes charge in Turkey’s Adana


The first police unit appointed to all the 81 provinces by the Interior Ministry with the motive to protect the “environment, nature and animals” took charge in the southern province of Adana on Sept. 27.

“The Bureau of Environment, Nature and Animal Protection will work under the Public Security Branch Office of Adana Police Department,” officials told the state-run Anadolu Agency.

As of yesterday, the police unit patrolled the provinces on receiving information from the public.

The police unit has also followed the notices that came to the animal tracing application called HAYDİ, which means “come on” in Turkish.

As part of the system, the police officials in the headquarters will control the notices in HAYDİ and will send the Animal Protection Unit to the region of the incident.

On the first day of assuming the duty, the newly appointed Animal Protection Unit has fined a resident who neglected to feed his pet and another who had run away after hitting an animal with his car and leaving it injured on the road.

Hurriyet Daily News


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