Kamala Harris Mocked for Mistakenly Referring to Late Justice RBG as Rapper Notorious BIG


by Lilia Dergacheva

Late last week, the Democratic vice presidential nominee dropped a side-splitting answer to a question about who she deems the most prominent rapper alive. Her answer was Tupac – an influential musician shot to death over 20 years ago.

Senator Kamala Harris mistakenly referred to Ruth Bader Ginsburg as the rapper “Notorious BIG” instead of using her moniker “Notorious RBG” on Monday while addressing President Trump’s new Supreme Court nominee. The slip of the tongue, of course, immediately led to levity and mockery from netizens.

“She [Ruth Ginsburg] was part of our culture. Yes. We wear these Notorious BIG T-shirts with a lot of pride. Since she passed, there are parents reminding their children that she helped their lives”.

In response, one netizen even compiled a sort of Harris biography from what has recently been learned from her personal confessions, prompting many to laugh this off:

1)Kamala Harris aka Pander Harris-smoked weed listening 2 TuPac & Snoop Dogg b-4 they had anything 2 listen 2; later incarcerated disproportionately black men 4 smoking weed & laughed ab it;thinks TuPac is best rapper ALIVE;touts sporting “Notorious BIG” shirts (RBG)…

— robyn alleman (@overthenonsense) September 28, 2020

Well, she probably thinks he’s still alive also.
What kind of weed is she smoking?
She’s so funny trying to be all gangsta. pic.twitter.com/9tljkIUEwa

— jon smythers (@jonsmythers) September 29, 2020

I think she might be smoking too much before her speeches!

— Cindi Perez (@cindiperez48) September 29, 2020

…while another found fault with her “non-authenticity”:

She’s such a fraud. It turned a lot of people off in the primaries – she was so transparently not authentic about anything.

— Bonny Wright🐝 (@miamivandynyu) September 28, 2020

“She’s trying to be hip and she messes that up”, one dropped.

“Lol there are no parents talking to their kids about Supreme Court. If there are they need to stop. Let the kids have a childhood”, a second netizen suggested, apparently puzzled about Harris bringing together kids, t-shirts emblazoned with “Notorious RBG” on them, and the Supreme Court in one context.

“Should have stuck to the prompter like Joe. At least she avoids questions just like him”, a different Twitterian went on, with many more drawing parallels with Biden:

Oh yay! Another gaffer to go hand in hand with Biden! Will there be an interpreter during the debates so the rest of us can understand what they are trying to say?

— Linnea Lindsey (@LinJea09) September 28, 2020

This is what happens when you hang around Joe Biden too much

— Dean Guerra (@DeanTaradrew) September 28, 2020

“Another shot at naming the best rapper alive!”, another user grinned, with many more appearing unfazed by Harris’ slip of the tongue (or gaffe), saying they’d eagerly focus on the vice presidential nominee’s political rhetoric.

“She’s such a phony. I actually pity the never Trumpers that have to go along with this fakery”, one charged.

“She should seriously stop trying to be cool! It’s pathetic!”, a second exclaimed, while another took a fresh jab, recalling how the other day she named Tupac Shakur as the “best rapper alive”. The well-known songwriter and hip hop artist died in 1996 aged 25 after being shot in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas

Appearing at the NAACP’s virtual convention on Friday, 25 September, the Democratic Party’s vice presidential nominee was asked who she thought the “best rapper alive” was.

“Tupac”, Harris replied, with moderator Angela Rye replying: “He’s not alive. You said, ‘He lives on'”.

“But not alive”, Harris said. “I know, I keep doing that”.

While Rye said: “Listen, West Coast girls think Tupac lives on. I’m with you”. Harris thought for a  moment, adding that there were “so many” artists.

“There’s some I would not mention right now because they should stay in their lane”, she continued, before asking Rye to go ahead with the questions.



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