Man pickles everything from pinecone to octopus


A 58-year-old restaurant owner, Mustafa Hazar, in the southern province of Antalya makes 279 kinds of pickles, with his garlic and octopus pickles drawing much attention and demand, especially from Russian tourists.

“I pickle everything, like garlic, pepper, sugar beet, eggs, nuts, pinecone, and even firewood. One day, it occurred to me that I make octopus salad, why not make octopus pickle as well,” said Hazar, underlining that this idea opened a new source of income for him.

“Russians liked it so much. Now, I sell 10 liters of octopus pickle for 200 Turkish Liras [$26].”

He also noted that pickles have medicinal values that are natural remedies to cure body problems. According to him, garlic pickle boosts the immune system, stonecrop pickle helps to heal the goiter, and caper pickle is good for the liver.

He recommends people to drink hot pickle water to heal throat infections.

Hurriyet Daily News


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