Café with glass domes for social distancing delights locals


cafe serving guests in glass domes to ensure social distancing amid the pandemic in the Central Anatolian province of Sivas delights locals.

“Inspired by the design of the Eskimos’ igloos, we have built these 12 glass domes,” said Yunus Yıldız, the business owner.

With the coronavirus outbreak, people are keen on the idea and demanding more of these glass domes, added Yıldız.

One of the regular customers of the cafe, 21-year-old Ahmet Caner Karabağ, said, “I like it here as we have our own space and are safely distanced from other people.”

“Nobody bothers us here,” said Cihat Emre Toprak, another client.

A 25-year-old local, Ahmet Kemal Yaman, openly said that the fear of the coronavirus pushed him to prefer this cafe. “I opt for being isolated.”

The business owner is proud of his creative approach toward physical distancing. “There is no other concept like this in Turkey. We have taken the patent of the idea.”

Yıldız believes that demand will rise as the winter approaches, because of the virus and the cold weather.

He noted that his cafe is specially designed to be a place for families with their babies to get comfortable.

An igloo, traditionally used by Inuits and Eskimos, is a dome-shaped snow house that acts as an insulator helping to survive in temperatures as low as minus 45 degrees Celsius.

Hurriyet Daily News


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