Food prices in Armenia in September 2020 grew by 0.8% from September 2019


YEREVAN, September 7. /ARKA/. The prices for food products and soft drinks in Armenia in September 2020 increased by 0.8% compared to September 2019, and decreased by 0.8% compared to August 2020, the National Statistical Committee (NSC) said.

According to it, prices for fruits and vegetables fell by 9.9% from September 2019 and by 4.8% from August 2020. Fruits in September 2020 rose by 20.1% year-on-year and fell by 9.9% from August 2020. Vegetable prices declined by 6.9% and 4.8% respectively.

Prices of fish and seafood in September 2020 fell by 0.5% from August 2020 while prices of coffee, tea and cocoa fell by 0.1%.

Sugar price in September 2020 grew by 6.4% year-on-year and by 9.6% from August 2020. Prices of dairy products in September 2020 increased by 0.4% yoy, and by 4% from August 2020. Eggs in September 2020, compared to September 2019, fell by 3.7% in price, and compared to August 2020, rose by 19.5%.

Meat products in September 2020 fell by 3% from September last year and rose by 1% from August 2020. Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products in September 2020 rose in price by 0.1% from August 2020, bakery products and cereals – by 0.3%, while prices of soft drinks did not change.

Prices for non-food products in September 2020 compared to September last year increased by 0.5%, and compared to August of this year – by 0.2%. -0-


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