MEP Martin Sonneborn: I hereby officially recognize the Republic of Artsakh

112 member of the European Parliament Martin Sonneborn officially recognized the Republic of Artsakh on Wednesday during the parliament’s session.

According to him, it is more dangerous to health to attack a peaceful, democratic community and to shell its residential areas with cluster munitions.

“This is exactly what the madmen from the Bosporus and Baku in Nagorno-Karabakh are currently practicing,” he added.

“They are killing the Armenian risk group regardless of age, weight, and previous illnesses,” he said.

According to him, “whatever crimes Baku is committing there, it is doing it thanks to Erdogan, who has shown wild determination to complete a genocide that took place 100 years ago.”

“Insane, the EU still considers him a partner – while he spreads terror with jihadist mercenaries – in the Caucasus, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and the Mediterranean,” the MEP said.

“As an unofficial spokesman for the Non-attached Members, I hereby officially recognize the Republic Artsakh,” Sonneborn added.



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