Covid-19 reached Turkey a month before the first cases were reported


The People’s Republican Party (CHP) has accused the Turkish government of failing to report suspected cases of Covid-19 in February, a month before the first official cases were reported, according to Cumhuriyet.

The number of Covid-19 patients reached 329,138, and the number of people who have died from the virus now exceeds 8,600. “Every case is not a patient,” said Health Minister Fahrettin Koca after a meeting of the coronavirus Science Board. Meanwhile, CHP Ankara MP Murat Emir expressed a new claim that will cast a shadow on the ‘transparency’ of the Ministry of Health.

Emir brought up a study published in an international health journal which had been signed off by Deputy Minister of Health Şuayip Birinci, saying “The Ministry of Health announced that the first case was seen in Turkey on March 11. In February and March in Mersin, however, 24 people who were admitted to the hospital with signs of pneumonia were diagnosed as COVID-19 positive from this published study. This is a scandal. Looking at the details of the study, we also see that two different drugs were tried on these people, and for this study, permission was obtained from the Ministry of health”.

Emir stated that the CHP are faced with a situation where the Minister of Health and his assistant contradict each other and said “Unfortunately the Turkish Republic is in the hands of incompetents.”

“If the deputy minister of health has made an international publication as though these cases existed, although they did not, it is both a scientific crime and a (all together) separate scandal,” the Emir said. “this act is also an attempt to undermine the minister, but also clearly reveals the decay in the Ministry of Health.”

“The government has lost its credibility and reliability,” Emir said, noting that the Health Minister should make a statement as soon as possible.



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