Armenian companies still facing a string of problems when exporting their goods to Russia and other EEU member states


YEREVAN, October 9. /ARKA/. Armenian companies exporting their products to the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) member countries continue to face a string of problems, the head of the Armenian Union of Employers Gagik Makaryan told reporters on Thursday.

In general, according to him, the situation has changed significantly over the past three years, having improved largely due to the intensification of dialogue with businesses, attempts to solve problems that arise, clarification of the rules and procedures, but to this day there are both legislative flaws and problems with application of existing laws.

Among the problems, he pointed out the poor protection of intellectual property rights within the EEU, pointing out that there are cases when, for example, Armenian brands cannot be exported, since a similar name is registered in another EEU member country. Only the first to register the brand wins, he said.

“Another major problem is bribery and deliberate delays at customs check points. And although Armenia has its own representative at the customs, problems still remain, since it is impossible to control everything at once and there are still issues that need to be resolved,” Makaryan said.

According to him, unregulated are still a set of issues, such as cooperation between the EEU and the EU countries and the possibility of signing an agreement on mutual or free trade, which would facilitate many procedures, as well as issues related to the membership of countries in the WTO or some aspects of the organization’s activities, including the possibility of participation in certain processes.

To solve many problems and present business problems, a meeting of the ministers of economy of the EEU member states, ministers of the Eurasian Economic Commission and representatives of Armenian business was held on Thursday in Yerevan.


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