Peace for Artsakh



The Artsakh-Azerbaijan dispute emerged with the collapse of the Soviet Union, when Artsakh was aspiring to be a sovereign state and the efforts were only countered with massacres from Azerbaijan. Despite the 1994 cease-fire agreement, that didn’t see much light, Azerbaijan continued to occasionally hit Artsakh, and as a result, both parties continued to lose tens and hundreds of lives. Artsakh was the home of Armenians, Armenian churches, schools, and other Armenian institutions far before Azerbaijan was a state, and despite decades or centuries of cultural, religious, economic oppressions, in addition to countless military attacks with the ambition of depopulating Artsakh from Armenians, Azerbaijan fails.
On the morning of September 27, 2020, another escalation unfolded between Artsakh and Azerbaijan, with the opening fire of the Azerbaijani forces against civilians and civilian infrastructure in Artsakh’s capital, Stepanakert, and ever since the attacks have been more and more serious.
Azerbaijan, an oil-rich country, whose revenues are specifically invested to fuel Alyev’s corrupt oligarch regime and to fund the army and equip it with its military weapons; yet their army lacks necessary trainings, doctrines to use their weapons, leadership, is full of corruption and demoralized soldiers, Armenian army, on the other hand, is filled with enthusiastic volunteers who join the army to protect their collateral cultural existence.
The 2020 crash of oil prices left Azerbaijan struggling financially amid political turmoil which is where its ally, Turkey with regional and global aspirations, came to rescue by recruiting the Syrian mercenaries from Jihadist groups, who are internationally considered to be ticking time bombs. Not foreseeing that this specific act of Alyev’s criminal regime will implode Azerbaijan in the near future.
The recruitment of mercenaries from Syria is something to be expected of Turkey given its history, as a way to support Azerbaijan without being directly involved, naively thinking that they outsmarted the world, and their immoral actions will not be known. However what is surprising to this level is the silence of the world even after knowing Turkey’s shameless conducts, the same world who was attacking these extremists and creating regional wars for the purpose of fighting terrorism, yet when those terrors are brought to Azerbaijan through Turkey and are committing war crimes, the world is mutely watching. The world is watching while Azerbaijan is bombing civilians, journalists, churches and cowardly denying it and accusing it of the Armenian army itself, when will the world ask itself: Why would Armenia shell its proof of 4000 years of Armenian civilization in Artsakh? Not to mention ruin its sacred monuments!
Undoubtedly each country looks at the matter from with its interests’ point of view but why does Turkey have the right to intervene and send weapons to Azerbaijan and no other country can rightfully help Armenia? Is it Armenia’s duty to fight the group of people who truly threaten world peace? Is it the culturally richest country’s duty to fight those whose only culture is killing?
Small developments like the October 7th Geneva City Council’s resolution on condemning Azerbaijan’s military aggression against Artsakh, admitting the Artsakh people’s right of self-determination has been sprung, but no promise of Azerbaijan’s barbaric fire cessation.
To make the Armenian soldier fight the world’s enemy is unfair on many levels, The Armenian soldier is courageous, and while bravery might include taking hallucinogenic to lose self-control to enter a battle, courage exits only when fear does, courage is consciously facing fear with self-control, keeping in mind that animals don’t go to battles knowing the dangers, true soldiers do, courage is accepting danger and overcoming it.
Moreover, the Armenian soldier is the son of an Armenian mother and a father, in a family who despite having inhuman foes, peace is part of the culture in addition to being ready for attacks from its enemy, the Armenian soldier is what we honor and celebrate, Armenian soldiers have notions of honor, but what does the Azerbaijan army honor? Armenian soldiers carry holy obligation and a set of feelings, constantly looking at themselves in the mirror and opting for honors given to one other among fighting soldiers rather than honorary merits.
While the Armenian diaspora is anxiously following up the developments in the area, the prevailing pandemic mass aides are difficult to be mobilized. Many pictures and videos of Armenian soldiers dancing and singing during the war went viral which only demonstrates the patriotism and the optimism of the Armenian soldier, who knows that during the history some battles may be lost but patriotism is the key weapon to win a war, and Armenia has afforded to ensure this weapon for its army.
For those who don’t already know, Armenians are peaceful and extremely patriotic, maybe because we haven’t seen much peace since the beginning of our existence. It is the year 2020, and Erdogan is endeavoring to finish what in 1915 its Ottoman ancestors started but failed to complete, what’s happening now is ethnic displacement and cultural cleansing equivalent to a genocide, we are fighting for peace, we are fighting to exist, we urge international communities and all the peace preaching organizations to help us, nevertheless wanting peace is not the outcome of any weakness, it is the result of our knowledge that we need peace to preserve of innocent youth and develop as a nation.
We pray for the day we see Artsakh lively, and being attacked isn’t a concern anymore, we pray for the day of sovereign independent Artsakh, where unlike today no family has a martyred a member, we pray for a prosperous holistic Artsakh not covered in bomb smokes, and ruins of the sacred churches and rich art centers, deprived of water and electricity, we pray for the Artsakh where mothers, sisters, and children aren’t being bombed while they are waiting for their sons, brothers, husbands, and fathers to bring them the good news, the good news of victory has been achieved, and the by victory we have and will always mean: Peace.


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