Doomsday Warning? Netizens Terrified as India Battles Cyclone, Floods, & Smog


by Radhika Parashar

From a deadly pandemic to the Pentagon’s confirmations of UFOs, the year of 2020 has probably left no stone unturned to freak humans out. It seems like the whole year has been one long, dark Halloween night with everything scary happening at the same time.

This week has been particularly catastrophic for different parts of India currently battling nature’s fury.

A two-month old baby and nine adults were found dead in Hyderabad after torrential rains lashed the southern Indian city for a third day on Wednesday. A total of 14 districts in the state of Telangana, where Hyderabad is located, have been adversely affected by the continuous downpours.

Videos of submerged roads and floating cars from the southern Indian region have left people in shock even in other parts of the country. Snippets showing rainwater aggressively washing down the walls of tall forts in Hyderabad have also surfaced on social media.

This was the scariest among all😱😢😓#HyderabadRains

— Anusha Puppala (@anusha_puppala) October 13, 2020

Historic Bhongir fort near #Hyderabad#HyderabadRains

— Abhinay Deshpande ⭐️ (@iAbhinayD) October 13, 2020

Many friends from across the country have been asking me about floods caused by incessant rain in Hyderabad. Thank you 🙏 All for concerns. So far, all near and dear are safe. This clip best shows the extent of the disruption on roads. #HyderabadRains

— Manoj Kumar (@manoj_naandi) October 14, 2020

​A deep depression formed over the Bay of Bengal in India, causing this damaging rainfall in parts of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha. The depression brought 11 to 24 cm of rain in several locations in these states.

#WATCH Odisha: Heavy rains lash parts of Bhubaneswar city.

IMD has predicted heavy falls at isolated places over south Odisha.

— ANI (@ANI) October 13, 2020

​While the southern and eastern parts of India are battling rains and storms, the skies in northern India have turned a smoky grey.

Ahead of the Diwali festivities, “stubble” left over in the farmlands of the densely populated states of Punjab and Haryana is now being burnt. The heavy smoke has begun travelling towards the national capital Delhi, where it mixes with pollution from vehicles and turns into a blanket of eye-burning smog.

Earlier this week, the air quality index in Delhi touched the “very poor” mark for the first time this year, because the lockdown and restricted vehicular movements had otherwise kept the air quality at a “very good” level for the past six months.

Pictures of smoggy Delhi have been making residents anxious about the winter days ahead.

Today air quality in Delhi.

Smog tower will take minimum 10 months to build & it will cover 2-3 km only. No farmers claim yet that they received bio decomposer chemicals to stop stubble burning. Both are not even a temporary solution for now. No actions yet to reduce emissions.

— Licypriya Kangujam (@LicypriyaK) October 14, 2020

Welcome back #DelhiSmog. We have waited for you with bated breath, quite literally.

— Nikhil Gulati (@nikhilng) October 14, 2020

Welcome the season which now comes before winter and stays until winter ends….our #pollution with #smog.#Delhi

— Khushboo (@KhushbooTweets) October 14, 2020

​All of these natural calamities, adding to the pandemic stress has gotten Indians praying to be saved from any “doomsday” that the year 2020 may have left in store.

Looks like #Doomsday in #Hyderabad

#2012 kadu ra #2020 asalusisalu #yugantham 🙄

Brathiki unte malli kaluddam #Twitter friends 👍👍

— India vs Indians (@bornTelanganite) October 13, 2020

Does 2020 gives World normal life #HyderabadFloods #HyderabadRain #hyderabadheavyrains #Hyderabad

— Harshini Kempu (@HKempu) October 14, 2020



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