‘Put your f**king mask on!’: Drive-by mask shaming of Jewish man highlights rising tensions in Covid-19-era NYC


Footage of a drive-by mask-shaming incident, in which a driver appears to berate a Jewish man walking down the street for not wearing a mask in public, has triggered a wave of outrage.

A clip of the video was shared by Don Hikind, a former New York State Assemblyman and the founder of the Americans Against Anti Semitism group.

“Put your f**king mask on! There’s covid cases! Hurry up! Put it on!” the driver bellows at the visibly shocked Jewish man.

Hikind asked if the roles were reversed what the reaction would be like, claiming this behavior is the result of “tyrant king” New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Official New York State guidelines stipulate that masks are only required “when in public if unable to maintain at least six feet of distance from others.” In the video, the man appears to be walking on a largely deserted sidewalk.

Some described this latest mask-shaming incident “an excuse to intimidate and terrorize a Jewish man,” while others laid the blame square at the feet of Governor Cuomo, alleging he “put a target on the hasidic community.”

Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Bridge was closed down in both directions for a time by a group of activists. The protest induced chagrin for many, who have alleged double standards and hypocrisy by New York’s ruling elite when it comes to certain social justice movements.

New York’s Jewish community has been the subject of much discussion and police interest, after apparently refusing to adhere to mask mandates and to limits on social gatherings in recent weeks.



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