One Person Killed During a Hostage-Taking Incident in German Prison, Local Police Say


by Max Gorbachev

The correctional facility is located in the centre of Münster. Due to a large police presence all roads in the area have been closed, causing traffic disruptions. Special forces are also on the scene.

Police in the German city of Münster have finished rescue operations to free a hostage in a prison. According to police spokesman Frank Rentmeister, the hostage, a female employee at the correctional facility, is unharmed. Local police said the perpetrator had been shot and later died from his injuries. Law enforcement has said they will release more information in the coming hours.

​According to the German newspaper Bild, the hostage-taker was serving a four-month sentence for resisting law enforcement officers. He was due to be released in November. He threatened the female employee with a razor blade and demanded authorities give him a helicopter to fly out of the prison.



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