Report: Aoun Did not Veto Hariri’s Re-designation


After President Michel Aoun’s decision to postpone the binding parliamentary consultations, the President reportedly reiterated “support” for the designation of ex-PM Saad Hariri, noting that the consultations to name a PM were postponed to ensure a swift formation of a government, MTV station reported Thursday.

“Aoun received phone calls from several heads of parliamentary blocs (Wednesday evening) asking him to postpone the consultations. Aoun sought, together with the upcoming PM-designate, to give a better opportunity for the French initiative to succeed,” the station said, quoting sources close to Aoun.

The sources reportedly assured that Hariri enjoys Aoun’s support.

“Aoun does not have a veto on Hariri. Everything being said in that regard is not realistic. Aoun is working on securing a better cover for Hariri,” according to the sources.

They went on saying that the President is “keen on preparing the right atmosphere for a swift formation of a government facing a reform program which must be agreed upon.”

Late on Wednesday, the Presidency issued a statement saying that President Michel Aoun postponed the consultations to name a new premier to October 22.



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