Turkey’s daily power consumption down 4.3 pct on Oct 17


Turkey‘s daily electricity consumption decreased by 4.35 percent on Oct. 17 compared to the previous day to reach 762,748 megawatt-hours, according to official figures of Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEİAŞ) on Oct. 18.

Hourly power consumption peaked at 19.00 local time with 36,227 megawatt-hours, data from TEİAŞ showed. The country’s electricity usage dropped to its lowest level of 28,024 megawatt-hours at 05.00 local time.

Electricity production reached 773,248 megawatt-hours on Oct. 17, marking a 4.17 percent decrease compared to the previous day.

While Turkey’s electricity production from natural gas constituted 35.35 percent of total electricity consumption on Oct. 17, imported coal plants held a 20.73 percent share while lignite plants comprised 14.83 percent.

On Oct. 17, Turkey’s electricity exports amounted to 10,787 megawatt-hours while imports reached 288 megawatt-hours.

Hurriyet Daily News


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