Wildlife park treats more than 550 wild animals amid pandemic


Nearly 600 wild animals, including 168 bird species, were treated in the first nine months of the year in a rehabilitation center located in Kocaeli’s Ormanya, Europe’s largest wildlife park, according to the statement made by the metropolitan municipality.

In the center, where many surgeries and treatments were performed during the pandemic process, 579 wild animals, including 168 bird species, were treated in the first nine months of the year.

Officials say they also check all visitors’ temperatures and that they are wearing face masks upon entrance, adding that those without an appropriate face mask or covering would not be permitted onto park grounds.

Disinfectant dispensers have also been placed throughout the premises to encourage visitors to practice good hygiene.

The park hosted local nature enthusiasts, as well as tourists from Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, and France.

It was reported that Ormanya was also included in the priority route of thousands of tours organized by tourism agencies.

Established in 2018 over an area spanning 4,000 decades, Ormanya hosts a zoo, wildlife rehabilitation center, 26 kilometers of hiking and biking trails, as well as designated camping, tent and caravan areas.

The park even offers nature-themed courses for children.

From horses, alpacas, deer and antelopes to birds such as ducks, swans and peacocks, as well as reptiles like snakes or iguanas, the park is home to a rich amount of biodiversity.

Hurriyet Daily News


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