‘Seriously?’ Hillary Clinton’s Cryptic Tweet Featuring Old Anti-Trump Tirade Sparks Twitterstorm


by Svetlana Ekimenko

Earlier, as she endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, who lost the 2016 presidential election to her Republican opponent Donald Trump, slammed the current US President for his perceived mishandling of the state of affairs in the country.

Hillary Clinton has gone on Twitter to reprise her all-too-familiar criticism of Donald Trump.
The former Democratic presidential nominee, who lost the 2016 presidential election to her Republican opponent Trump in the Electoral College despite winning a plurality of the popular vote, retweeted a post by her former campaign aide Corey Ciorciari.

In my case, there’s a whole speech for everything. https://t.co/A0pCafxZNT

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) October 20, 2020

​Clinton’s 2016 pointman went on Twitter to post an emotive address to voters ahead of the November presidential elections by posting a fragment from a speech by the former first lady, dated 22 June 2016.

In it, she lambastes her opponent Trump as allegedly unfit to deal with the emerging crises facing America, with the post by the aide seeming to hint at the prophetic nature of the former Secretary of State’s words. The Democrats have been leading a chorus of voices slamming Trump for mishandling numerous issues, more recently – the coronavirus pandemic.

Clinton captioned her retweet cryptically that she had “a speech for everything”.

Some netizens concurred with the author of the post, and commented that Hillary Clinton had “been right about everything”.

You had all the bases covered. You had an incredible program for growth. You cared about national security. You understood the issues with the other candidate. Yes, you had a speech for everything. Thank you for your life of service dedicated to our country. pic.twitter.com/BzDAkYyT3Z

— Barbara Stiles (@Dovewoman1) October 21, 2020

You were right about Trump all along.

— Exploding Tree Singh, MD 🌊 (@LabyrinthWeaver) October 20, 2020

​However, others took to Twitter to suggest that Clinton take credit for her own failings.

Need an impromptu speech on this, Benghazi, uranium one etc. pic.twitter.com/QahWOlG3Cr

— Tyler Paulsen (@Tpaulbudking1) October 21, 2020

Make a speech about how you repent for destroying Libya and murdering its people.

— Daniel Burke for US Senate (NJ)🎗️ (@Burke4Senate) October 20, 2020

Oh, please play my favorites!

1): “It’s a vast right wing conspiracy,” and,
2) “I landed under sniper fire” in Bosnia.


— Buzz Patterson for Congress (CA-7) (@BuzzPatterson) October 21, 2020

​Some comments recalled the “Pied Piper” strategy allegedly used by members of Hillary Clinton’s team during the 2016 primaries, concerning media coverage of the Republican field, that sought to “elevate” Trump and other outliers, in order to force the actual candidates they thought would win into more extreme positions.

great job promoting him during the last electionhttps://t.co/BKkwDKLE8m pic.twitter.com/BnfmcRxXOU

— rat_champ (@rat_champ) October 21, 2020


— rat_champ (@rat_champ) October 21, 2020

Business is good I see pic.twitter.com/ZVQnID7N5o

— Gavin Eugene Short 🦐 (@big_bruiser) October 21, 2020

Some on social media voiced their doubts that Hillary Clinton as president would have managed the COVID-19 pandemic better than Donald Trump.

Could you honestly say you’d have handled covid better? Honestly. Probably not

— Carly Hensley (@CarlyHensley17) October 21, 2020

​Hillary Clinton, who earlier endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden ahead of the November elections in the US, has been levelling criticism at Donald Trump for allegedly poor handling of a plethora of issues facing America, ranging from “exorbitant” US defence spending, that she insisted was veering down the “wrong path” instead of gearing up to face new emerging threats on the global arena, to his perceived mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic.



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