Televangelist Pat Robertson predicts Trump will win re-election and bring about THE END TIMES


Christian Broadcasting Network founder Pat Robertson has predicted that President Donald Trump will secure re-election, which he says will then lead to the end of the world.

“…The next thing is the election that’s coming up in just a few weeks, at which time, according to what I believe the Lord told me, the president is going to be re-elected,” Robertson prophesized during his show on Tuesday. The preacher then added that Trump’s victory is “going to lead to civil unrest, and then a war against Israel and so forth…”

According to Robertson, the war’s outcome has also already been pre-determined. “There is going to be a war, then a time of peace,” he said, before adding, “And then maybe the end.”

Robertson’s calm perspective on such radical world events quickly went viral on Twitter, with many users quipping about it being a “legit” take on reality.

Quite a few commentators joked that Robertson’s link between Trump’s re-election and the literal apocalypse was a good enough reason to vote for Joe Biden instead.

Along with many other religious-media moguls, Robertson used to be a staunch supporter of President Trump. The two seemed to have a falling out last year, however, when the pastor claimed the president was “losing the mandate of heaven” over withdrawing US troops from Syria.

The televangelist has been predicting the world’s end since the 1970s. He previously claimed it would happen in 1982, and then again in 2007.



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