Turkish police arrest 21 after bootleg alcohol kills scores of people


Turkish police arrested 21 people across the country for producing and selling bootleg alcohol on Tuesday, state-run Anadolu news agency said.

Police teams have intensified their operations against the suspects after 65 people died from consuming bootleg alcohol in 10 provinces since last week.

In two separate operations in the northern Tokat province, police seized nearly 2,580 litres of bootleg alcohol and arrested six suspects. Three people were arrested in the southern Hatay province and police seized some 1,900 litres of fake alcohol.

Police also conducted similar operations in numerous other provinces, such as Bursa, Kilis, Kırklareli and Kırşehir.

Turkey has seen a surge in the consumption of bootleg spirits in recent years, sparked by rising alcohol prices and hiked tariffs on alcohol consumption.



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