US House of Representatives resolution calls for recognition of Artsakh’s (Nagorno-Karabakh) independence


YEREVAN, October 21. /ARKA/. U.S. Congresswoman Grace Napolitano submitted a resolution to the House of Representatives calling for the recognition of Artsakh’s independence.

In a tweet she said the citizens of this proud republic embody the words of’ our own declaration of independence, which affirmed for Americans and the world that just government derives from the consent of the governed.’

‘Artsakh is a very American story-the victory of a free people over foreign rule. To the well-known and thoroughly documented historical role of Artsakh as an integral part of Armenia going back thousands of years, we can add Artsakh’s strong legal standing as an independent Republic,’ she said.

‘But what matters most today – during an ongoing rain of rockets and bombs on Artsakh’s civilians by Azerbaijan and Turkey and their ISIS allies-is that freedom is not just about honoring history or enforcing the law. Freedom is the only answer. There can be no going back. Artsakh must not return to Azerbaijan.

The path forward is one of liberty, which is why I am today calling for official U.S. recognition of the Republic of Artsakh’s independence.’

Since the morning of September 27, when Azerbaijan attacked Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) with support from Turkish armed forces and mercenaries from the Middle East, Armenian armed forces have killed 6,309 Azerbaijani soldiers, having wounded also many thousands. They have also destroyed 576 battle tanks and armored vehicles, 4 MLRS Smerch and Uragan, 4 MLRS TOS-1A, 200 UAVs, 16 helicopters and 23 aircraft.

According to the official data of the Armenian side, while repelling the enemy’s aggression, about 800 Armenian servicemen have been killed and several hundred wounded. Azerbaijani shelling have also killed 37 civilians in Nagorno-Karabakh and another 116 have been wounded.

Azerbaijani fire has also destroyed and damaged 7,800 real estate objects. Azerbaijan twice breached Russia-brokered truce. Intense hostilities in Artsakh still continue.


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