Who Will Vote for Hariri in Thursday’s Consultations?


The stances of some parliamentary blocs and independent MPs on the nomination of ex-PM Saad Hariri for the premier post became known on Wednesday evening.

According to information obtained by LBCI TV, Hizbullah’s Loyalty to Resistance bloc has decided “not to name anyone” in Thursday’s binding parliamentary consultations that will be held at the Baabda Palace to designate a new premier.

The Social Nationalist Bloc of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party meanwhile announced that it will not name Hariri in the consultations, following a meeting for the party’s Higher Council. The bloc comprises three MPs and one of them, former SSNP chief Asaad Hardan, had received a phone call from Hariri earlier in the day.

In a statement, the party called for “the formation of a salvation government as soon as possible to stop the collapse and fend off the civil chaos that is threatening the country.”

Independent MP Chamel Roukoz meanwhile told LBCI that he will not nominate anyone. “I call for the quick formation of a salvation government that wins the confidence of the Lebanese people and the international community,” he added.

The TV network said MP Jean Talouzian of the Lebanese Forces-led Strong Republic bloc will take part in the consultations, defying his bloc’s stance. However, it was not immediately known whether or not he would vote for Hariri.

The Strong Lebanon bloc, the Consultative Gathering bloc and independent MPs Osama Saad, Fouad Makhzoumi and Jamil al-Sayyed have announced that they will not vote for Hariri.

Hariri will meanwhile get the votes of al-Mustaqbal bloc, the Development and Liberation bloc, the Democratic Gathering bloc, the National Bloc, the Independent Center bloc and independent MPs Tammam Salam, Elie Ferzli and Michel Daher.

And while the voting direction of the Armenian MPs bloc and independent MPs Eddy Demerjian, Nouhad al-Mashnouq and Jihad al-Samad is yet to be known, independent MP Michel Murr will not take part in the consultations for health reasons.

Eight MPs have meanwhile resigned from the 128-member legislature.



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