Prince Andrew Branded Virginia Roberts ‘Liar’, Unsealed Ghislaine Maxwell Deposition Reveals


by Irina Acheeva

A 400-plus page testimony of accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell that was recorded in 2016 has been released online. The documents are heavily redacted with lots of names blacked out.

Prince Andrew told his old-time friend Ghislaine Maxwell that Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who has claimed the second son of Queen Elizabeth II had sex with her when she was a teen, was a “liar”, The Sun reported citing Maxwell’s testimony from a civil lawsuit released by a judge.

During the testimony, Maxwell calls Giuffre a “liar” several times and speaks about a conversation she had with Prince Andrew about his accuser, who also claims she was used as a sex slave as a minor by Jeffrey Epstein, a disgraced US financier and sex offender who died last year.

According to the documents, the UK socialite claimed Prince Andrew in a phone conversation discussed Giuffre, saying “What a liar she is”.

“I don’t think he told me why she was a liar. The substance of everything that she said was a lie with regard to him”, Maxwell said as quoted by the documents.

In the testimony, Maxwell repeatedly denies knowing any minor girls were even present with Jeffrey Epstein.

— Grace 🔎 (@reallygraceful) October 22, 2020

Virginia Roberts Giuffre has repeatedly claimed that Epstein provided her to Prince Andrew for sexual services. Prince Andrew has consistently denied the allegations.

British socialite ​Maxwell was arrested on 2 July and faces six charges dealing with her procuring of young girls for Epstein, who purportedly committed suicide in a New York detention centre while awaiting trial in August 2019, for illegal sex acts and perjury for lying to federal investigators in 2016.



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