Ray McGovern Tells Aaron Maté Blaming Moscow for Hunter Biden’s Laptop is Russiagate Disinformation


Corporate media suppression of news about Hunter Biden emails bears all the hallmarks of the same Russiagate disinformation we were subjected to for four years, Ray McGovern tells Aaron Maté in this Pushback interview on the GrayZone.

By Aaron Maté
The GrayZone

Media outlets are amplifying the claims of former intelligence officials, including John Brennan and James Clapper, as well as of top Democrats, including Joe Biden and Adam Schiff, that the Hunter Biden laptop revelations are “Russian disinformation.”

They have done so even though no one from the Biden camp has disputed the authenticity of a single leaked email or document, or denied that the laptop belongs to Hunter Biden. Ray McGovern, a former career CIA officer who served as chief of the CIA’s Soviet analysts division and chaired National Intelligence Estimates, discusses the widespread disinformation about “Russian disinformation,” and why it raises new questions about the conduct and claims of the intelligence officials behind Russiagate.

Guest: Ray McGovern. Former longtime CIA officer, who served as chief of the CIA’s Soviet analysts division, chaired National Intelligence Estimates, and prepared the President’s Daily Brief. He is also the co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity.

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