Govt. of ‘Specialists’ to be Named by Parties amid ‘Positive’ Atmosphere


The new government will not comprise political figures but rather specialists named by the political parties and there is an attempt to keep the energy portfolio with the Free Patriotic Movement, media reports said on Monday.

“The possibility of forming the government this week has been ruled out and Hizbullah is clinging to the health portfolio, which is also demanded by Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat,” MTV quoted unnamed sources as saying.

The sources added that Jumbat could be granted only a single portfolio at a time Lebanese Democratic Party chief Talal Arslan is insisting on getting a portfolio for his party despite his boycott of the binding parliamentary consultations.

An informed source meanwhile told MTV that the atmosphere of the negotiations is positive and that the government will comprise 20 or 24 ministers.

“Hariri has been very reticent and he has told (President Michel) Aoun that the principle of the rotation of portfolios will apply to all ministries except for the finance portfolio, which will go to the Shiite community,” the source added.

LBCI television meanwhile quoted unnamed sources as saying that should no obstacles arise, Hariri might submit a line-up to Aoun once he finishes his consultations with the blocs, within two or three days.



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