Fighting intensity subsides in Artsakh, enemy fails to come close to Berdzor – Armenian defense ministry


YEREVAN, October 29. /ARKA/. Artsrun Hovhannisyan, spokesman for the Armenian defense ministry, speaking Wednesday night at a briefing, pointed out the decrease in the intensity of the fighting in Artsakh.

“Today, throughout the whole day, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces as well as terrorist groups supporting them and various special forces continued their attacking actions in the direction of units located along the borders of Armenia, as well as from north to south of Artsakh,” he said.

Hovhanisyan said that the battles that took place in the south and in the area of Berdzor were not so large-scale.

“The enemy failed to advance towards Berdzor despite certain efforts. In this direction, our divisions managed to improve their positions. In the northern section, mainly artillery fire was conducted, particularly in the direction of Martaker and units located to the north of it,” Hovhannisyan said.

In the southern section not intensive, but persistent efforts continued to eliminate raider groups.

“At the moment, I cannot mark any individual subject developments in this direction,” he said.

Hovhannisyan said that local battles are continuing, artillery is being used, and in some places – air forces.

Pointing out that the intensity of the fighting subsided, the defense ministry spokesman clarified that Artsakh troops have managed to smash the enemy’s “striking fist”, after which other actions were continued, which are of a slow, current nature.

“It is not easy to eliminate the infiltration of large raider groups in mountainous and wooded terrain, but it is not so that they have achieved great success,” he said.

War in Artsakh

Since the morning of September 27, Azerbaijani troops have been carrying out military aggression along the entire length of the contact line in Artsakh, conducting artillery and rocket attacks, including against civilians and civilian infrastructures. Strikes were also carried out at civilian and military targets on the territory of Armenia.

The Azerbaijani side is supported by the Turkish Armed Forces and the foreign terrorist mercenaries recruited by it. The Turkish-Azerbaijani aggression encounters a decisive rebuff from the Armenian Armed Forces along the entire frontline.

According to the official reports on the Armenian side, Azerbaijan’s 223UAVs, 16 helicopters, 25 aircraft, 618 armored vehicles, 6 TOS units have been destroyed since the beginning of Azerbaijan’s aggression. The enemy’s death toll is 6,749. More than 960 Armenian servicemen have been killed and several hundred people were wounded. As a result of the war crimes committed by Azerbaijan, 38 civilians were killed and 120 wounded in Artsakh.

Since the beginning of the war, there have been three attempts to establish a humanitarian ceasefire. All three agreements, which were reached on October 10 through the mediation of the Russian Federation, on October 17 through France and on October 25 through the mediation of the United States, were violated by Azerbaijan.


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