Some 420,000 people integrate their driving licenses with ID cards


Nearly 420,000 people had their driver’s license information integrated into their identity cards, according to the information that Demirören News Agency obtained from the Interior Ministry.

Turkish authorities have launched an application that includes driver’s license information on the chips of digital ID cards.

Some 420,000 people applied to the application within 36 days as of Sept. 18.

The new system will prevent police officers from fining individuals for not carrying a driver’s license.

The officials are also hoping to include citizens’ digital signatures, bank cards and social security insurance information onto ID cards.

The driver’s license and passport services had been transferred to the authority of the Interior Ministry’s Citizenship Directorate, formerly handled by law enforcement.

Those who want to upload their driving license to their ID card can apply to the civil registry offices by making an appointment.

Hurriyet Daily News


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